27-29 April 1979 Baden, Austria

  • The present international monetary situation and its consequences for World cooperation
  • The implications of instability in the Middle East and Africa for the Western World

21-23 April 1978 Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A

  • Western defence with its political implications
  • The changing structure of production and trade: consequences for the Western industrialized countries

22-24 April 1977 Torquay, England

  • North American and Western European attitudes towards
  • The future of the mixed economies in the Western democracies
  • The Third World's demand for restructuring the world order and the political implications of those attitudes

25-27 April 1975 Çesme, Turkey

  • Inflation: its economic, social and political implications
  • Recent international political developments:
  • - The present status and prospects to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict and the effect on relations among NATO members
  • - Other recent developments affecting the relations among NATO countries

19-21 April 1974 Megève, France

  • Prospects for the Atlantic world

11-13 May 1973 Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

  • The possibilities of the development of a European energy policy and the consequences of European-North American relations
  • Conflicting expectations concerning the European Security Conference

21-23 April 1972 Knokke, Belgium

  • The state of the Western community in the light of changing relationships among the non-communist industrialized countries and the impact of changing power relationships in the Far East on Western security

23-25 April 1971 Woodstock, Vermont, U.S.A.

  • The contribution of business in dealing with current problems of social instability
  • The possibility of a change of the American role in the world and its consequences

17-19 April 1970 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

  • Future function of the university in our society
  • Priorities in foreign policy