18-20 September 1959 Yesilkoy, Turkey

  • Review of developments since the last Conference
  • Unity and division in Western policy

13-15 September 1958 Buxton, England

  • Survey of events since the last Conference
  • The future of NATO defence
  • Western economic cooperation
  • The Western approach to Soviet Russia and communism

15-17 February 1957 St. Simons Island, Georgia, U.S.A.

  • Review of events since the fourth Bilderberg meeting in May 1956
  • Nationalism and neutralism as disruptive factors inside the Western Alliance
  • The Middle East
  • The European policy of the Alliance, with special reference to the problems of Eastern Europe, German reunification and military strategy

4-6 October 1957 Fiuggi, Italy

  • Survey of developments since the last Conference
  • Modern weapons and disarmament in relation to Western security
  • Are existing political and economic mechanisms within the Western community adequate?

11-13 May 1956 Fredensborg, Denmark

  • Review of developments since the last Conference
  • The causes of the growth of anti-Western blocs, in particular in the United Nations
  • The role played by anti-colonialism in relations between Asians and the West
  • A common approach by the Western world towards China and the emergent nations of South and East Asia
  • The communist campaign for political subversion or control of the newly emancipated countries of Asia
  • How the West can best meet Asian requirements in the technical and economic fields

18-20 March 1955 Barbizon, France

  • Survey of Western European-USA relations since the first Bilderberg Conference
  • Communist infiltration in various Western countries
  • The uncommitted people:
  • - Political and ideological aspects
  • - Economic aspects

23-25 September 1955 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, F.R.G.

  • Review of events since the Barbizon Conference
  • Article 2 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • The political and strategic aspects of atomic energy
  • The reunification of Germany
  • European unity
  • The industrial aspects of atomic energy
  • Economic problems:
  • - East-West trade
  • - The political aspects of convertibility
  • - Expansion of international trade

29-31 May 1954 Oosterbeek, Netherlands

  • The attitude towards communism and the Soviet Union
  • The attitude towards dependent areas and peoples overseas
  • The attitude towards economic policies and problems
  • The attitude towards European integration and the European Defence Community